Valerim - NOT A DRUG

Sleep Support in Anxiety & Stress

Stress depletes Magnesium, and depletion in Magnesium causes more stress, in a vicious spinoff of our modern lifestyles. When there is not enough Magnesium to protect the adrenal glands, the stress response is easily triggered and prolonged stress may lead to anxiety states

Valerim Magnesium is your friend with benefits. Please take it to bed with you

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Fun Fact#1: Researchers can INDUCE anxiety in rats by putting them on Magnesium Depleted Diets

Fun Fact#2 Anxiety: The stress response pours Adrenaline into your blood stream and this causes Rapid Heartbeat, Palpitations, increased rate of breathing, increased blood pressure, heightened sense of impending doom, and panic, a flood of negative thoughts in the mind and an acute sense of being out of control not to mention dizziness, diarrhea & irritability. These symptoms are remarkably similar to those of anxiety states.

Fun Fact #3 Stress: The symptoms of stress are also remarkably similar to those of MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY and include widespread muscle & joint pains, forgetfulness, lower sex drive, stomach cramping, Chest pains, Pounding heart, Shortness of breath, Teeth grinding, Mood swings, Constipation and/or Diarrhea, 
Cold, sweaty hands, 
Overeating or even a loss of appetite, Restlessness, Irritability, high BP, Sadness or crying spells and headaches. Low Magnesium levels are also associated with photosensitive headaches, Stress from loud noise, Cold or physical stress.

Valerim ingredients help support the following actions:

  • Positively regulate GABA to Produce Calming effect
  • Promote Natural, Deep, Restful Sleep
  • Significantly improve symptoms of sleep deprivation
  • Boost Glutathione, the body’s own Super Anti Oxidant
  • Boost Normal learning & Memory
  • Boosts Energy levels and helps in fighting fatigue
  • Fights stress & Anxiety, boosts Mitochondrial function
  • Regulate nerve function and neurotransmitter activity

Another friend with benefits is the scientific blend FLOURISH that fights stress and helps improve cognition and memory. It contains effective dosages of 8 time-tested nutrients that include Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monieri that have become the staple of brain friendly supplements

Contraindications to magnesium therapy

Kidney failure

myasthenia gravis

excessively slow heart rate

bowel obstruction

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