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Magnesium for a Healthy Heart

Overall Heart Health, Heart Rhythm

Support Cholesterol, Blood Pressure

Maintain healthy Arteries

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The heart is the biggest and the hardest working muscle in our body

Magnesium deficiency in the heart muscle can result in pain. Over time this can worsen and may lead to a heart attack

Fun Fact: The highest concentration of Magnesium in the body is found in the left ventricle of the heart, responsible for pushing out Oxygenated blood to 70 trillion cells. Magnesium is vitally important for overall heart health.

“Magnesium is a Fundamental Cardiac Nutrient” Dr. Chauncey Crandall M.D., U.S.A

Magnesium is so Vital to optimum heart function, that in case of a Magnesium Deficiency, the body will pull Magnesium out from its natural habitats in the bone and tissue to make it available to the heart.

Why is Magnesium so important for the heart?

Magnesium is the Heart’s natural workhorse, ne that helps to optimize heart function and support the natural levels of

  • Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL and LDL
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Correct Heart Rhythm and Heartbeat
  • Maintain Healthy Arteries
  • Ensure delivery of Oxygen and Nutrients
  • Support High Energy needs of Heart muscle

MAGNESIUM is the body’s NATURAL STATIN and naturally works to RESTORE HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL LEVELS by UP regulating or DOWN regulating the production of Cholesterol in the body as required

MAGNESIUM Supports Arterial Health by dissolving the Calcium deposits and keeps the muscle cell walls smooth and supple

Fun Fact: With the help of Vitamin D3 & a special form of Vitamin K, it helps take the Calcium to the bones and teeth, where it belongs. When this combination works well, it produces clean arteries, strong bones, and a healthy heart and body.

MAGNESIUM Supports overall heart health

Magnesium helps the heart muscle maintain normal rhythm and ensures the health of heart muscles by regulating the amount of Calcium entering them. Magnesium also helps in production of Prostaglandins, required for overall heart health. Magnesium is key to the production of energy inside the heart muscles that keep the heart pumping strong since before birth till death.

Magnesium for Atrial Fibrillation

Magnesium, along with other minerals can help to re-mineralize the muscle cells of the heart and reduce the electrical disturbances that cause Abnormal Heart Rhythms. Modern medicine offers Drugs, Pacemakers and surgery, but Magnesium and other minerals can help. The proponent of this idea, Dr. Carolyn Dean, a medical doctor, was awarded in 2012 by The Heart Rhythm Society, U.K. for her work on Magnesium as an agent for reducing Atrial fibrillation

Which Magnesium to take?

All Magnesium supplements are not equal.


  • Provides Sufficient Magnesium to overcome the deficiency
  • Provides a form of Magnesium that is Highly Absorbed, Safe & Powerful
  • Provides Magnesium that does not upset the stomach
  • Provides Nutrients that support the action of Magnesium
  • Provides adequate Vitamin D3 to increase Calcium Absorption
  • Provides 72 minerals as found in sea salt without high levels of Sodium
  • Provides a well-balanced blend to take care of all the heart issues

NaturStat NOT A DRUG

contains the following ingredients:

  • Natural Magnesium with 72 trace minerals from the pristine oceanic waters off the coasts of Iceland and Ireland
  • Magnesium Chelated with Glycine and Malate for High Absorption in the body
  • Vitamins D3 and K2 for Calcium Management & Arterial Health
  • Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 to aid and support the other ingredients

Contraindications to magnesium therapy

Kidney failure

myasthenia gravis

excessively slow heart rate

bowel obstruction

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