MagRest - NOT A DRUG

Nature’s Chill Pill for Natural Deep SLEEP

Completely Non-Addictive – Use at Will

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Perhaps the only sleep supplement of its kind that calms both, the body and the brain

Designed to give DEEPER NATURAL REFRESHING SLEEP to normal people and useful for both PHYSICAL & MENTAL STRESS,

Magnesium has been called Nature’s Chill Pill

Tens of millions of people around the world depend on various types of drugs to get to sleep, but are not able to sleep well. All sleeping tablets in vogue and common use are addictive, have severe side effects, and stop working over time because the body develops Resistance to these foreign synthetic chemicals.

MAGREST Magnesium offers the solution we have been searching for. It is composed of natural ingredients that the body recognizes as FRIENDLY and the ingredients work in synergy to

Calm the brain

Soothe the muscles

Completely safe


facilitate natural sleep

Relaxe the body


Boost learning & Cognition

Boost Memory

Fight stress & Anxiety

Boost Glutathione, Antioxidant

Good for Long-term use

An enduring Solution

Fun Fact: Our body works the hardest when we sleep.

This is the time the body’s energy can be diverted from the normal tasks and the biggest energy users – the brain and digestive system are also ‘sleeping’. The deeper the sleep, the better the body can repair itself. Wake up fresh and rejuvenated with MAGREST

Contraindications to magnesium therapy

Kidney failure

myasthenia gravis

excessively slow heart rate

bowel obstruction

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